Andorra Grande Lift & Tilt Recliner Chair (No Grab Handles)

Andorra Grande Lift & Tilt Recliner Chair (No Grab Handles)

Part of the wonderful Andorra high-back upholstery collection, combining a distinctive triple back cushion design with a wide choice of hand-tailored soft covers to provide great looks as well as great comfort.


Specially designed with full powerlift action to assist sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism, MS, poor circulation and many other mobility restrictions the Andorra ‘Lift & Rise’ Recliner chair is available with a choice of Single or Dual motor options (see ‘Additional Product Information’ for full details).


Are you aware that you may be eligible to pay NO VAT on your purchase of this item and make a saving of 20% (standard rate of VAT) - equivalent to a 16.66% saving on the VAT inclusive retail price.


Please see ‘VAT Free – Lift & Rise Care Recliners’ section for more information.

  • W: 89cm

    D: 94cm

    H: 117cm


    Please note: All measurements are approximate but as near to accurate as possible.