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Mlily Inspiration Double Mattress

Part of the fabulous Mlily range of quality mattress the Inspiration is the building block for their famous Harmony series, taking advantage of our Mlily Cooling Gel and Pocket Spring technology to deliver a mattress that’s tailored to performance.


The Inspiration mattress uses the same aerodynamic design as Mlily’s renowned Harmony beds to ensure air flow is consistent, keeping your body temperature even and helping you to get to the deep, regenerative sleep that you need to awake refreshed and inspired.


Inspiration layers.


1. Mlily Gel-Memory Layer. Mlily’s Cooling Gel is infused into aerodynamically designed Memory Foam, creating a cooler, breathable sleeping surface that adapts to you.


2. Flex Comfort Foam. Mlily’s Flex Comfort Foam adds another layer of comfort to create a suppler feel.


3. Pocket Springs. It’s one thing to have memory foam – it’s another to carefully layer them in pocket springs. 1000 of Mlily’s classic L-springs (in the 150cm King-size) bring out the performance of this mattress.


4. Airtech Border. Mlily’s aerodynamic border is fitted to keep air-flow consistent, helping you stay cooler and get to sleep faster. It’s also built with specially molded joints to keep support even, from the center to the very edges of the mattress.


5. Flex Support Foam. Mlily have added a final layer of custom Flex Support Foam to provide you with that extra layer of support to help you recover quicker and sleep more completely.

  • W: 135cm

    D: 190cm

    H: 27cm


    Please note: All measurements are approximate but as near to accurate as possible.

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