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Bedsteads & Bedframes Hampshire Store

Bedsteads & Bedframes Hampshire Store

Bedstead Showroom Bordon Hampshire Store

Are you looking for a bed that offers great style as well as true comfort and support?

Looking to create an eye-catching center piece in your bedroom as well as somewhere to get a great night’s sleep?

Or looking for a bed that offers the perfect match to a flexible range of bedroom furniture?

Then one of our carefully selected bedsteads / bedframes may well be the answer.

Why not visit our extensive showrooms in Bordon Hampshire to view the wide selection of styles and finishes we have to offer, together with a host of matching bedroom furniture and talk to one of our experts who will be pleased to help you find the perfect choice for you and your bedroom.

Bedsteads & Bedframes Hampshire Store

What is the difference between a bedstead and a bedframe?

As you would imagine, we have been asked this question many times over the years and the simple answer is that there isn’t one, and we for our part tend to refer to them as bedsteads (although either term is fine with us and does get used from time to time).

Unlike a bed-surround, which fits around a divan set (a mattress with upholstered base), a bedstead (bedframe) is effectively a platform onto which you place a mattress.

Bedsteads & Bedframes Hampshire Store

Bedsteads for all budgets and décors

The first thing to say is that the functional term ‘platform’ does not come anywhere close to describing the true nature of our range of exciting and stylish bedsteads that we have put together for all ages and in a comprehensive range of sizes.

Starting with the most common form of construction; timber frame with a slatted base, we have a host of styles from traditional to contemporary and finishes from lacquered natural timbers to quality painted options in a full range of sizes.

In addition we have an exciting range of metal bedsteads (with wooden slatted bases), in an array of on trend finishes and colours in both single and double sizes.

And finally we have a great selection of fully upholstered models; including from Silentnight with amongst others their elegant Lilith bedframe and timeless Octavia bedframe. With all models available in a fantastic selection of fabrics and colours.

Bedsteads & Bedframes Hampshire Store

Delivery and assembly of Bedsteads

As with all furniture and beds purchased from us, all our bedstead deliveries are carried out by our own dedicated, well trained delivery teams in our own transport, to ensure a totally satisfied customer and hassle free experience.

As with a small number of larger furniture items, the majority of bedsteads are delivered flat-packed for ease of access and thus a limited amount of home assembly maybe required. Should you require assistance with this task, we are more than happy to discuss your requirements and arrange the assembly work to be carried out for a nominal fee.

Bedsteads & Bedframes Hampshire Store

As Furniture and Beds experts with a business built on customer service, we understand the importance of offering selected items on an express delivery from stock.

That is why when it comes to bedsteads we have used both our buying power and extensive knowledge to assemble a selection of carefully chosen models in a range of sizes, materials and finishes that are both ready for a quick delivery, but also at a great price.

And for those who are looking for the perfect model in the perfect finish, we have a vast range of models and option available to special order.

Bedsteads & Bedframes Hampshire Store

Bedsteads with matching bedroom furniture

As both a furniture and beds specialist, when it comes to the bedroom we are able to provide both stylish and flexible bedroom furniture collection, together with wonderfully comfortable and supportive beds.

And for those looking for a fully co-ordinating and eye-catching look, we have a great selection of bedroom collections that include a fully matching bedstead (in a choice of sizes) to ensure you can create that perfect look as well as layout.

Bedsteads & Bedframes Hampshire Store

A family business offering a warm welcome since 1892

Richard Eade & Sons Furniture & Beds is a family business trading from Forest Road, Whitehill, Bordon, Hampshire, GU35 9BA.


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