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Nancy Standard Recliner Chair

Nancy Standard Recliner Chair

PriceFrom £1,019.00

Featuring a wonderful combination of a high neck pillow and a three section back with padded side cushions and an extra supportive centre section, seamlessly combined with a full-width ‘chaise’ leg support, extra reassuring support by way of its solid wood knuckles and a choice of easy-to-use manual or fully powered recliner actions, this Nancy Standard recliner chair makes a great choice for today’s lifestyles and homes.


Offering exceptional comfort, the Nancy is hand finished here in the UK in a wide choice of attractive and practical fully hand tailored soft covers ensuring it looks good as well as offering great support and comfort.

  • W: 77.5cm

    D: 89cm

    H: 109cm


    Please note: All measurements are approximate but as near to accurate as possible.

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