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A quality bed = a quality night’s sleep

What is sleep and why do we do it? We spend a third of our lives doing it, but how much sleep do we actually need? And what happens while we’re asleep?

Literally speaking, sleep is an extended bout of rest we experience on a daily basis, where we lay down with our eyes closed. How much sleep you need varies from person to person, with varying factors such as age, sex, health and lifestyle. However, quality sleep is essential to ensure we are able to fully function to our best ability day to day. As we sleep our bodies begin work on replenishing energy stores and making repairs, while our minds organise and store the memories of the day before.

Of course the most significant tool to a quality night’s sleep is your bed. An uncomfortable bed is never going to help you achieve a deep, effective sleep, so comfort is key! Mattresses lacking comfort, space and support are likely to leave you waking up tired and achy, and all that tossing and turning is bound to have a significant impact on your partner’s sleep, too.

Everyone is made differently, which is why different beds suit different bodies. The best mattress for you should be a combination of the correct support and comfort for your weight and build, and if you’re sharing a bed, one that is comfortable for both of you. The mattress used is also very important, and should help maintain a good posture - a mattress too soft will cause us to slouch, while one that’s too firm can apply pressure to our hips and shoulders.

Again, if you’re sharing a bed, a large bed is always recommended, granting both partners plenty of space. You can test if you each have enough space by putting your hands behind your head and sticking your elbows out. If you’re not touching each other when you do this, you’ve got enough space!

Another factor to consider is the base you use, and how well it works with your bed base. One you tested in the shop could be very different to the one you use at home. With this in mind it’s recommended that you buy your mattress and base together, or test out your new mattress on a base that’s similar to your existing one.

Unfortunately, a bed is not for life, and should be replaced around every seven years. Even if it doesn’t look worn out, it probably doesn’t offer the same comfort and support as it did when it was first bought. As we lose around half a pint of fluid every night, and shed a pound of dead skin cells each year (nice!), you might be more keen on a trip to the mattress shop more regularly!

For more bed-buying tips, take a look at the National Bed Foundation or at the Bed Buyer’s Guide. Here you can find a variety of advice and information on all you need to know about the best mattress for you, including; the best mattress for back pain, the best mattress for a heavier person, and the best mattress for pressure relief. There’s a mattress for everyone and anyone!

Established in 1892, family business Richard Eade and Sons have over 120 years experience and expertise. So, you’re in the right hands when it comes to choosing a bed. With a wealth of knowledge gained from the generations of the business, they can offer sound advice on the right mattress and base for you. The business prides itself on providing quality beds and mattresses at competitive prices. Products are carefully and skillfully sourced from around the world, bringing you a bed guaranteed to cater to your specific desires and requirements, and a good night’s sleep with it.

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