Guest Beds

Richard Eade and Sons can offer you the perfect solution for accommodating your guests this Christmas.

With the season being full of joyfulness, offering ample opportunity to create lasting memories, it is important that those visiting guests feel right at home. Gone are the days where guests are required to sleep on the sofa, or within a sleeping bag on a roll mat on the living room floor, as an excellent range of guest beds can help with people feeling right at home.

Our range of beds do not just store away conveniently – they are very practical ensuring everybody has a decent night’s sleep. Guest beds tuck away underneath the main bed itself. Mattresses sat under the beds frame provide an additional bed when needed. Hosts can have peace of mind knowing their guests will be well rested.

The price of a guest bed doesn’t have to be extortionate either; their prices can vary and begin from reasonable rates.

Richard Eade can guarantee delivery before Christmas on items which are very in stock within the warehouse.

Other furniture can be ordered but may take longer to arrive.

The Denver Full Length guest bed offers the perfect solution for those staying at your home. Not only can it be used as two separate single beds – the frame holding the spare mattress can be raised to the same height to the main bed creating a double.

Both the main full-size bed and second guest bed are standard single size (3'0" x 6'3"). This product can be purchased for £399 excluding a headboard. A headboard can be purchased to fit the main bed to complete its appearance. Available in Wiltshire grey, mushroom or silver, the range of colours can suit a variety of different rooms.

Furthermore, the Deep Quilt guest bed makes an ideal and practical solution for when you have visitors staying overnight. It rolls out on easy running castors with self-locking legs. Be it for a child or spare bedroom, when not in use the lower guest bed’s legs neatly fold-in allowing it to simply slide back underneath the main bed and out of sight. Both the main full-size bed (3'0" x 6'3") and slightly smaller (2'6" x 5'9") guest bed feature an open coil sprung interior mattress unit and a deep quilt stitch bond cover to provide comfort. This item is available at £299 on our website.

Sofa beds can also be an option for households which may be limited with space. They are an excellent example of using a piece of furniture for multiple purposes. Numerous sofa beds can fold away conveniently ensuring you make the most of the living space you have when welcoming guest in to your home.

Regardless of what option that may be best for clients there is guaranteed to be something suitable for all.

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