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Teak Root Furniture and Accessories Hampshire Store

Offering a unique ROOT in Home Accessories

As you would imagine, with a history going back over a 100 years, here at Richard Eade & Sons we have seen a vast selection of products and ever changing styles and finishes.

Our rich history has also taught us that when it comes to both furniture and home accessories our customers are always looking for something that is not only of the moment but also offers something a little special.

With these key points firmly in our minds, we are pleased to highlight our fantastic range of solid Teak Root Furniture and Accessories.

Teak Root Furniture and Accessories Hampshire Store

Offering a fantastic combination of natural timbers, unique designs and pieces, our quality range of Teak Root Furniture and Accessories make the perfect choice for adding a unique finishing touch or focal point to any room or outdoor space.

Teak Root Furniture and Accessories Hampshire Store

With a choice of items from the simply stunning full size forest horse for an equestrian lovers garden (shown above), to wonderfully cute miniature animals and mushrooms that would make a unique and special gift, our Teak Root collection has something for everyone.

While similar in design and overall size, each item is individually made using natural Teak tree roots; meaning that not only can the whole tree be used in a furniture making process, thus eliminating waste and benefiting the environment, but each piece is totally unique in both finish and final dimensions.

So if you’re looking to add a unique touch to your home and life, or trying to find a wonderful and unique present for a loved one or special friend why not take a closer look at our fantastic range of Teak Rook Furniture and Home Accessories.

Browse the online store or why not visit our Hampshire showroom today.


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